D Dot Resources and Allied Limited is a registered exporter certified by Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC)

We are into the export of agricultural products such as Garlic, Sesame seed, Black pepper, Ginger and Wood to various countries. Our strategic decision  to focus on these products is because  we recognize that there is high demand for  spices and wood due to the taste-enhancing, therapeutic and preservative  qualities of spices; and in the case of wood,  Nigeria has abundance of high quality  wood which meet the demands of our foreign clients.

We are currently seeking  to expand our exportation of agricultural products to new markets in line with the interests of Nigeria to increase her bilateral trade volume with many countries, given that Nigeria exports more  goods mainly to India, United States, Spain, Netherlands and South Africa according to National Bureau of Statistics, Nigeria (2016).

In addition, we  have direct access to farmers of these products, and our corporate strategy of encouraging them, makes it possible for us to purchase high quality products that meet internationally acceptable standards and ensure that quality is not compromised each step of the way of our supply chain.

Our Nigerian Export Promotion Council Profile