D Dot Resources provides a range of human resource services such as HR outsourcing, performance management, and organisational development and HR policy and procedure development. Our consulting services can be provided on-site or off-site depending on the peculiar requirements of our clients.  The services we provide can complement an existing human resource/ administrative department, or replace the need for in-house human resources/Administrative Department Completely.

We recognize the vital role having the right person for the right job plays in running a successful organization, therefore we step in to recruit, select and retain top talents who are well aligned to our clients’ organizational needs and business strategy.

Our talent acquisition service helps mitigate the challenges faced by organisations when the recruitment process is approached in the traditional fashion of advertising, regular interviews and candidate selections. We appreciate the fact that an organisation is only as good as its workforce, and with a wrong set of hires, an organisation’s competitive edge can easily be lost.

We will ensure through our service that this does not happen! Because we take the long-term approach to Talent Acquisition.


Beginning from Job Analysis – to identify the requirements needed for employees to be successful on the job – helping both the employer and the employee.

To Job Descriptions – which are comprehensive, descriptive and flexible to promote quick adaptation to the changing needs of clients’ organisation. We do this by working closely with our clients to capture their paramount needs in a staff for any specific job.

To Job Evaluation – to systematically give adequate value to each job devoid of bias, which prevents job duplications, ensures internal equity and promotes employee retention.

Our organisation’s strategic Human Resources Management training workshops defines means of ensuring the delicate balance of aligning Human Resources Management strategy with the overall corporate strategy. As human capital moves to assume a pivotal role in helping organisations achieve set objectives in the knowledge-based economy of Nigeria, the human resources function is increasingly being called upon to assume a more strategic orientation to drive success.

Our strategic training workshops can be carried out both within Nigeria and abroad, with all travel arrangements provided our firm.

Our Local and International training workshops   cover:

  • Strategic Manpower Planning
  • Managing Personnel And Performance Evaluation
  • Career And Succession Planning Development
  • Reward Management Workshop
  • Employee Performance Appraisal
  • Leadership And Motivation
  • Human Capital Development
  • Time And Resource Management
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Healthcare Management through Modern Technological Systems
  • Enhancing Monitoring and Evaluation through Strategy Formulation
  • Revamping State’s Educational sectors
  • and so much more…

How We Work With You

We believe that every training and consultancy requirement is unique, and as such, we adopt a best-fit approach in fashioning out business solutions to meet your different goals, requirements and budget.

We take great care in liaising with our clients to match the right trainer or consultant to the organisation’s/department’s culture and audience needs. We pride ourselves on the delivery of human resources training and management consultancy services with measurable impact on our clients’ organisations.

Our consultancy and training services can be delivered either at your organisation or an external venue depending on your needs. In the case of training services, if an external venue is required this can be organised by yourself, or we can arrange it for you.

D Dot Resources will provide all the course materials needed to complete the training.
Post-training or business consultancy services evaluation as the case may be can be carried out either by written feedback or through our online questionnaire services. The feedback is then collated and returned for review by the client.